HELLO! My name is Toneka Pires, creator of embraceU

My passion is helping women like you transform your body, skin, and your life by living healthier than ever before!

Throughout my life experience of transforming my body, developing healthy radiant skin, and learning to embrace who I am from the inside and out, I have developed a powerful perspective on living a holistic lifestyle through nourishing my body with whole nutritious foods. With over ten years experience as a nutrition expert and fitness enthusiast, I want to share my knowledge helping you experience your ultimate transformation!

Embracing My Journey

My path to wellness has been a winding and uphill battle. Until my mid-twenties, I listened to negative voices that told me I was fat and ugly. Loving myself was a difficult task, over-weight, bad skin and no confidence, not the greatest combination! I lived, simply doing what others thought I ought to and managing to stay on a course of misery and mediocrity. I internalized these negative voices, allowed my self-esteem to plummet, and practiced a daily regime of self-loathing.

August 3, 2003 changed my life forever. After being hit by a drunk driver with over a year of recovery and therapy, looking in the mirror, crying with disgust was not an option anymore. I started to take control of my life, taking the negative things about myself and began turning them around, my weight and self confidence being at the top of the list. I began reading everything that I could in regards to exercise, proper nutrition and what it took to achieve beautiful healthy skin. I created a game plan and followed it. After experiencing such a traumatic experience, I realized that I was given a second chance at life and refused to let this obstacle destroy me. From that day on, I gave 200% to everything that I wanted to accomplish. I began to truly transform my physique, losing well over twenty pounds and gaining lean muscle. My physique was changing, my confidence was improving and skin began looking healthier because of my diet, my journey was just beginning.

After two years of dedication and hard work, I stepped on stage to compete in fitness pageants and to my surprise began a winning streak, which lead to 13 fitness and figure championship titles, then modeling with some of the top health magazines.  A true transformation indeed!


Stepping out onto an unknown path is tremendously difficult, terrifying and challenging to the body and the psyche. But you have to start somewhere. Embrace obstacles with ease and learn from them; build strength through experience and know that your defeats provide the seeds of great accomplishments.