Teen and Adolescent Therapy in
Spring Hill, TN

Explore our teen & adolescent  mental health treatment program at Embrace U serving Spring Hill, TN.

Teen and Adolescent Therapy in Spring Hill, TN

Embrace U can assist if your child requires more than just individual therapy in Thompson’s Station to address a mental health issue. Our intensive programs include family counseling, mental health evaluations, and group and individual therapy.

Embrace U is here to provide treatment options and support to those seeking teen and adolescent therapy in Spring Hill. Our welcoming and state-of-the-art facility is located just half an hour away from Spring Hill in beautiful Brentwood, TN. Participants come to group therapy at least three times a week, meet with a therapist and talk with a psychiatrist.

Access is available through major interstates like I-65 S and US-31. That means that life-changing treatment is only miles away. Get started with our treatment programs to help yourself or your teen discover the path to healing and recovery.

Embrace U is an adolescent mental health clinic in Brentwood, TN. Contact our admissions team today to learn more about how we can help your child cope with their mental health challenges and how we serve the Spring Hill community.

Count On Embrace U for Spring Hill Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

At Embrace U, we strive to be more than just a source of teen and adolescent therapy in Spring Hill. We want to create a space that’s truly shaped by and for young people. Group treatment and therapy options are our specialties. When adolescents and teens can engage with each other, share their experiences, and learn from peers, they’re much more likely to introduce changes to their own lives. But we push the envelope beyond group treatment; individual and family therapy combined with skill-building and psychoeducational activities help us offer our clients a well-rounded treatment approach. 

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) and partial hospitalization program (PHP) serve adolescents and teens needing a sense of security and understanding. The goal is to help young people develop the skills and learn the knowledge they need to navigate challenges successfully. Our outpatient care model helps us connect with clients regularly without removing them from their homes.

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How We Can Help

The experienced clinical team at Embrace U comprises a multidisciplinary group of dedicated professionals. When you walk through our doors, you enter a facility that’s been designed just for you or your loved one. We take pride in meeting our clients where they’re at, no matter where that point may be.

We work with each client individually to create a treatment plan that fits their needs, goals, and schedule. From there, clients may be asked to engage in treatment weekly or daily. Participating in group sessions is a key part of our program, but so is speaking to your Primary Therapist one-on-one. The skills and lessons learned through treatment can be applied outside of our care to help young people learn how to support themselves moving forward.


Our Philosophy

At Embrace U, we believe in two principles above all else: kindness and accountability. We aim to embed these values into everything we do and encourage our clients to do the same. Our team understands there is no single path to personal recovery; that’s why we work with every client to develop realistic goals and steps to achieve them. 

We’re never here to judge or look down on our clients. Instead, we hope to inspire and empower them to see themselves as the amazing young people we get to interact with. Our commitment to understanding and supporting adolescents and teens sets us apart from other treatment facilities. We never cut corners when it comes to giving our clients the care we know they deserve.

Why Teen and Adolescent Therapy Matters

Embrace U exists to help adolescents and teens discover their own inner strengths and autonomy as they transition into adulthood. We know that mental health and psychological concerns aren’t uncommon for young people, but we also know the environments they frequent don’t often create a safe space to explore them. 

We created Embrace U because we believe young people deserve a space to call their own. We work hard to offer leading teen and adolescent therapy in Spring Hill and the surrounding areas because we recognize how vital it is to our community. Young people are our future, and we want to do right by them with tailored treatment that speaks to their experiences.


Preparing for Teen and Adolescent Therapy

If you or a loved one could benefit from Spring Hill adolescent mental health treatment, reach out to us here at Embrace U to learn more. Our team can help you decide which treatment options make sense for your needs. We’ll also help you navigate insurance and any other questions you may have.

Once you or a loved one enrolls in our program, treatment kicks off with evaluations and plan development. Meetings with members of our staff will help shape the treatment experience each client has. From there, you or your loved one will be assigned sessions and goals to guide you during treatment. 

What each day of treatment looks like can vary from one client to the next. Our PHP requires a higher level of commitment and asks clients to attend treatment for several hours on each active day. Our IOP generally requires less time spent in sessions but may still ask clients to participate in multiple sessions every week. A combination of group, individual, and family therapy sessions helps clients achieve their goals. 

Another key part of treatment at Embrace U is education. We help our clients learn valuable life skills and emotional coping mechanisms that will aid them for years. Parents can also get in on the action – Parent U, an educational group for parents, guardians, and loved ones, meets weekly to offer families support and advice.

Discover Teen Mental Health Treatment in Spring Hill with Embrace U

Uplifting young people is our mission at Embrace U, and we take care to achieve it with the help of our clinical staff, comprehensive treatments, and unique philosophy. Our outpatient treatment options give adolescents a space to share their fears, express emotions, and talk through challenges with like-minded peers. 

We want to show young people that it’s okay to be authentic to themselves, just like it’s okay to need help sometimes. No matter who you are or your needs, our team is here to help. The first step is often the hardest but the most worth it.

If you or a loved one could benefit from teen mental health treatment in Spring Hill with Embrace U, don’t wait. To learn more about our program and ask questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. You can contact us at info@embraceu.com, by calling us at (615) 656-8624, or by filling out our contact form to get started.