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Explore our teen & adolescent  mental health treatment program at Embrace U serving Hendersonville, TN.

Teen and Adolescent Therapy in Hendersonville, TN

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, around half of all adolescents will experience a mental health condition at some point in their life. Therapy for mental health concerns can help youth establish the tools to effectively deal with symptoms and thrive. If you’re looking for teen and adolescent therapy in Hendersonville, Embrace U can help.

Embrace U is an outpatient treatment center in Brentwood that offers comprehensive adolescent mental health treatment for the Hendersonville area.

Hendersonville Teen Mental Health Treatment Options

Often, one hour of therapy per week is not enough for those seeking comprehensive teen and adolescent therapy in Hendersonville. Our immersive programs allow youth ages 10-18 to access multiple kinds of therapy and treatment activities, which we will go over below. In turn, when clients transition out of treatment, they will have a more extensive range of skills and the confidence they need to thrive in daily life moving forward. 

PHP meets from 12:30-6 p.m., five days per week. Often, teen and adolescent PHP is ideal for clients who experience symptoms that interfere with their ability to function at school or in daily life. With parental permission, our treatment center will communicate with your child or teen’s school to advocate for accommodations and help them successfully transition back into class once they’re ready. PHP includes once-weekly individual therapy, family therapy, and medication management.

IOP is less intensive than PHP and requires a lower time commitment. As a result, IOP allows clients to attend school while in treatment. IOP is often ideal for those who have completed PHP and are ready to transition back into their daily lives or those with less severe symptoms. 

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What to Expect at Embrace U

Clients and parents in search of teen and adolescent therapy in Hendersonville often wonder what the admissions and discharge process will be like, or they may wonder what therapy sessions will look like throughout the day in an Embrace U program. Here is a little bit about what to expect at Embrace U.



We will schedule a free consultation so that your family can learn more about how Embrace U can help and whether our programs are the right fit. Prior to starting treatment, clients get an in-depth intake assessment. After that, clients get assigned a therapist who specializes in their unique needs. This provider will work with your child or adolescent throughout treatment, all the way from the day of admission to aftercare planning.

Discharge and Aftercare Planning

Aftercare planning is an important part of treatment. Once a client is ready to end their treatment program, they will work with their team to develop a discharge and aftercare plan. Usually, this involves continued support of some kind (e.g., standard outpatient therapy) and a plan for how to navigate challenges and stressors post-treatment. 

Therapies and Treatments

Clients seeking teen and adolescent therapy in Hendersonville benefit from our programs because they use more than one form of therapy and help clients learn a comprehensive set of skills from multiple providers. All of our groups are confidential. 

Psychoeducation groups are run by our registered nurses or therapists. These groups focus on education regarding medication, self-care, social skills, nutrition, stress management, sleep hygiene, and time management. 

The goal of a process group is for clients to share and reflect on recent challenges in a safe and supportive environment. These groups focus on helping clients use effective communication skills, provide problem-solving techniques, and increase self-awareness through expressing oneself and offering feedback to peers.  

Skills training groups focus on techniques that help clients cope with concerns like depression, grief, loss, anxiety, and anger. In these groups, we focus on the identification of positive coping mechanisms and relationships. Therapists at Embrace U may use various evidence-based modalities, including but not limited to the following:


The group provides modeling and feedback from peers on how to deal with specific symptoms and stressors. 

Our multi-family therapy group is an opportunity for family members to attend a group session focused on healthy communication, setting boundaries, and managing conflict within the family. This group provides a supportive platform for clients and their family members to gain insight into their family dynamics. 

Our multi-family therapy group is an opportunity for family members to attend a group session focused on healthy communication, setting boundaries, and managing conflict within the family. This group provides a supportive platform for clients and their family members to gain insight into their family dynamics. 

Familial support and involvement can play a major role in a client’s healing. Parent U is a multi-family psychoeducation group for parents to learn skills alongside their children. Parent U group topics pair with the skills taught to participants each week. In Parent U, parents support and connect with one another as peers while learning how to support their child in treatment best. 


Who is Embrace U For?

Some of those looking for teen and adolescent therapy in Hendersonville may have a child who has been to treatment before. For others, Embrace U might be your child’s first and only treatment experience. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming, safe, and confidential space for all of our clients. Embrace U can help your child address any of the following concerns: 

We also provide dual treatment for clients with ADHD that pairs with one or more additional concerns (e.g., depression). If you have questions about whether Embrace U is the right fit for your teen or adolescent, contact us today.

Teen Mental Health Treatment in Hendersonville

If you are looking for Hendersonville adolescent mental health treatment, you’re in luck. Embrace U is just a short commute away from Hendersonville and surrounding areas. To get in touch with us, ask questions about payment and insurance coverage, or schedule your free consultation, call Embrace U at 615-703-3027 or fill out the contact form on our website.