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Explore our teen & adolescent  mental health treatment program at Embrace U serving La Vergne, TN.

Treatment for Teens

The teen and adolescent years can be challenging when it comes to dealing with emotions and stress. Pressures of school, extracurricular activities, and relationships can be difficult to navigate. When mental health concerns pile on top, many teens find themselves feeling overwhelmed, unable to seek help, and alone. More and more parents are discovering the benefits that therapy and counseling services can provide for their children. 

One of the best ways to help a teen who is experiencing mental health challenges is by providing them access to the support of therapists and psychiatrists. Embrace U is dedicated to providing top-quality adolescent mental health treatment near La Vergne and other Middle Tennessee communities. Our therapy team works with families to find options for long-term support and empower young people to feel in control of their mental health.

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Types of Teen Mental Health Treatment in La Vergne, TN

Not all mental health treatment programs for adolescents are the same. Some are better suited for teens who need a bit of extra support, while others grant more freedom over how the treatment is organized. It’s important to choose the most appropriate treatment for your teen to help minimize the chances of recurring or worsening mental health symptoms.

To make the right choice for your teen or child, it may first help to get a better sense of what your options might be. 

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Designed to provide patients with access to comprehensive mental health treatment while still being able to return home each night, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) is usually a good fit for those who need extra mental health support but don’t require hospitalization. 

Patients may be required to attend a certain number of hours or sessions per week. Treatment methods like group therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy may be included in a teen’s treatment plan.

Many teens and adolescents who experience mental health concerns, high levels of stress, and other complicated factors in life can take advantage of IOP treatment. By focusing on things like building coping and communication skills, connecting with peers, and finding sustainable ways to manage mental challenges, adolescents and teens in an IOP can learn how to thrive.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a step above IOP in that it functions as a short-term, facility-based treatment option. Teens whose symptoms are severe enough to prevent them from attending school or make it significantly difficult to do so often benefit from a PHP. Patients in a PHP spend more time in group and individual therapy than they would in an IOP.

The goal of a PHP is to deliver intensive, focused treatment for a short period so that a patient can effectively transition back to daily life. Instead of full-time hospitalization, PHPs typically involve around two to three weeks of care. On the whole, a PHP is meant to act as a stepping stone between higher levels of care and lower levels of outpatient care, including IOPs. 

A partial hospitalization program aims to provide intensive, targeted care for a brief period of time so that a patient can successfully return to normal life. Partial hospitalization programs typically involve two to three weeks of care as opposed to full-time hospitalization. A PHP is often intended to serve as a transitional level of treatment between higher and lower levels.

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Who Can Benefit From Mental Health Treatment in Middle Tennessee?

Mental health symptoms can impact anyone, but for those who experience them regularly, proper support may be necessary in order to function normally. That’s why Embrace U is committed to helping teens and adolescents find the right professionals, therapeutic options, and long-term treatment plans.

As a leading teen mental health treatment center near La Vergne, we understand that living as an adolescent can be challenging enough on its own. When mental health concerns are added to the mix, things can be even more overwhelming. This may be true for adolescents experiencing symptoms like:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Chronic stress management issues
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Grief 
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Poor body image
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Psychiatric, learning, and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Self-harm thoughts
  • Self-injurious behaviors
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Unhealthy or self-destructive coping skills

Adolescents who fall into one or more of the above categories can likely benefit from any form of mental health treatment. At Embrace U, we provide IOP and PHP services to meet the needs of all patients, no matter what mental health issues they are experiencing.


Why Pursuing La Vergne Teen Mental Health Treatment Matters

Finding the best La Vergne adolescent mental health treatment for your loved one is important, but the unique benefits of an intensive treatment plan like those offered at Embrace U can be vital. We give teens a space to connect with others, seek guidance from professionals, and develop skills they can’t learn in a classroom.

When you seek out proper mental health treatment for your teen or adolescent, you can help them discover:

The Right Support

Mental health symptoms in teens are often misconstrued or misunderstood. Talking to professionals who understand and can provide meaningful support to your child can make a world of difference.

Appropriate Medical Intervention

Many mental health disorders and symptoms can be treated with medication. But without access to professionals who can provide these resources, it can be difficult to fully address a teen’s mental health concerns.


Sustainable Mental Health Tools

The goal of treatment is to improve symptoms but also to give children the tools they need to manage their mental health. Problem-solving, communication, and crisis management skills are just a few examples of valuable lessons learned in mental health treatment programs.


Is Teen and Adolescent Treatment in La Vergne Right for You?

To uncover whether your child may benefit from teen mental health treatment options in La Vergne, consider which challenges you think might impact them. You can do so by asking yourself some basic mental health-focused questions.

Does your child:

  • Seem to feel down, sad, or hopeless?
  • Feel like a failure or express that they do?
  • Experience significant changes in weight, sleep habits, academic performance, or socialization?
  • Isolate themselves from others?
  • Feel irritable, nervous, anxious, or on edge?
  • Feel overwhelmed by responsibilities at home and school?

If you think the answer to any one or more of the above questions is “yes,” it may be time to seek professional support for your loved one. Reaching out for help can be difficult, but know that you are not alone. Embrace U is a mental health clinic in Brentwood. Contact our teen treatment clinic today to learn more about our services and how you can find teen and adolescent treatment in La Vergne that meets your child’s needs.