“Nourish Your Health & Beauty from Within Through 365 Daily Affirmations” e-Book

With 365 positive affirmations, one for each day of the year, you will be inspired
to nurture your inner-self; learn to adapt and develop coping techniques for PBOOK001difficult situations in life. Learn how to deal with personal
relationships, weight goals, and nutrition; gain confidence and bring peace and vitality through positive thinking. This e-Book will help you find your Highest Good on your personal journey toward self-love. Through this interactive process, you will receive daily tips to reinforce your goals. Once we understand how our physical well-being is directly related to our emotional happiness, we can start living a well-balanced life. Let the journey begin!


The Pennington Plan for Weight Success Hollywood’s SMARTER Secrets for Permanent Weight Loss 

Lose weight – permanently & easily!

Blank white book w/pathDr. Andrea has teamed up with Hollywood fitness and nutrition pros, Linda Okwor & Toneka Pires, to bring you the last weight loss book you’ll ever need!

This book is packed with the essential information you need to embrace healthy eating habits for weight loss and age-less beauty WITHOUT DEPRIVATION! In reading, you will discover a


thorough understanding of weight loss principles, food types, recipes, exercise programs and everything you need to stop yo-yo dieting, counting carbs and points and start loving life!