Raw Food for Skin Health

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What is a Raw Food Diet? 

Raw food diets are becoming more popular and have been known to help improve over health tremendously. Having an all natural diet that consists of raw foods such as: fruit, nuts, raw fish, seeds, grains, vegetables and non-pasteurized dairy products are extremely healthy for you and as an added benefit can contribute to weight loss in a healthy way.

In our culture, we are so use to cooking foods to the point where we are destroying all of the valuable minerals, nutrients and enzymes resulting in altered foods that are not nutritious as they once were.  We don’t give much thought to that fact that natural enzymes that are in the foods we eat, help contribute to a healthy digestive system or even have compounds that help fight off certain cancers and free radicals. Example: did you know that broccoli contains sulforaphanes, which has cancer-fighting compounds? Once over cooked, those compounds have diminished a great deal resulting in a nutritious vegetable cooked beyond its natural healthy state to one with less nutritional value.  This is the same with many vegetables that we eat! If your not doing so already, try adding more raw fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. I know at the beginning it may be difficult and you may want to cook or steam your veggies, if that’s the case try reducing the cooking time to 5 minutes or less.

Health benefits of a Raw Food Diet

  • Low in calories
  • Low in fat
  • High in fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • Help maintain steady energy throughout the day
  • Helps detox and eliminate waste from the body
  • Helps with healthy hair and nails.
  • Glowing youthful skin








Having a balanced nutrition plan that consists of raw foods and lean proteins will not only help you lose weight, andmaintain great energy, but also help improve your skin health making a raw food diet extremely beneficial to your overall health.


Raw Food Tip:  When consuming fruits and vegetables, try eating them in their natural state and raw if possible. Try steaming your vegetables instead of boiling them for long periods of time.

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